Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Yes, It's Almost True..."

After TheLegend called me out in his blog, I decided I had to respond with at least some sort of explanation. Long story short—it’s almost true. I was sitting at a table with Jane Gold. I’m not going to lie, but I didn’t even know who she was until an hour or so into the tournament. So I was sitting there, playing like absolute ass when my chip stack wasn’t really going anywhere. The fifth round came along and the antes started going up. I was able to steal a few pots by going all in, but it wasn’t nearly enough. I ended up making a horrible mistake, one that I hardly ever make. I was one spot behind the button. There was one caller and then this chick bet the pot. I looked at her chip stack and thought she had about 12k in chips. Everyone else folded to me and I decided to make a move. I had about 18k in chips and thought an all in would force this chick to fold. So, I did it. The small and big blind both folded and it went around to the woman who raised it up. She says, “I’m all in.” And as she moved her chip stack to the middle of the table, I saw a stack of 4k behind the rest of her stack. So, instead of having 12k like I thought, she had 16k. I had a somewhat decent hand with Q2 suited diamonds and she had AK off-suit. I instantly knew I was fucked if I lost the hand because I’d be left with 2k in chips with antes at 50 and blinds at 200/400. There was a small crowd that gathered around this woman before the flop came out. I thought to myself either she’s somewhat important or she just has a decent amount of friends. Anyway, the flop came out: 10h, 4c, 5s. The flop was shit for me and it just made her hand that much better. The turn and the river were Jh and 7d. After making a terrible decision to go all in I was left with a measly 2k in chips. So basically, Jane Gold knocked me out of the tournament. But technically it was the next hand that knocked me out. I went all in with 45 suited hearts and got busted out. It wasn’t until a little while later that people told me who the woman was that “knocked me out.” Nonetheless, the whole experience was completely emasculating. Maybe I’ll think twice next time before I try to brag. Probably not, but hey, it’s an idea. And Jane Gold, if you’re reading this, thanks for the story.

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